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About THELIONS : Since our launch in 2010, TheLIONS has focused exclusively on building better careers for go-to-market Profit People, including Account Managers. We are thrilled you found us.

Whereas most talent firms are founded by career recruiters, our Founding CEO was the Head of Sales for an eventual FinTech unicorn. Growing his team there in spite of the NOISE-to-signal ratio of job platforms & local search firms proved untenable, and he set out to create something better. Soon after, THELIONS was born.

Our Portfolio of >1,000 all-time Tech company clients suggests that others shared his frustration. We have helped companies across Enterprise SaaS & myriad Tech niches, often funded by globally dominant Venture Capital firms like Andreesen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, & Sequoia Capital. The trust that we’ve earned with C-levels & VCs fuel our stellar 90% inbound ratio of new job openings. Job opportunities that might be perfect fits for our #1 focus now & forever — Your Career.

Originally HQ’d in the San Francisco Bay Area, inbound demand & remote work has since empowered us to help Account Managers across the USA. Sign Up Now » and we’ll be in touch!


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About Account Manager careers : Admittedly, when THELIONS was founded in 2010, our focus was on helping Account Executives versus Managers. In aging colloquial terms, Hunters versus Farmers.

Philosophically, our Founding CEO became possessed with identifying the Truth behind company & leader talking-points for the benefits of Careers first. Tough grinds – like his years of making 400+ sales cold-calls daily – could do that to a person. Practically, he knew that Companies were paying the bills, and that they would need to see hard value like Cash ROI to engage & return to THELIONS. And he figured what harder value than focusing exclusively on helping Hunters of new Cash. Right?

Wrong. As he continued to meet smarter leaders than himself, he was compelled by the reality that while top-performing Hunters were indeed valuable, expert Farmers were as well. On the front lines of Client (vs Prospect) experience & value-addition, Account Managers are responsible for not only keeping old Cash flowing, but up-selling new Cash too – at much-closer-to-100% Gross Margins.

And so, we followed those leaders and developed expertise in hiring Account Managers just as we had done for Account Executives. And by focusing on their Careers first vs Companies, we were on our way to helping >1,000 Farmers & counting, negotiating higher Bases & upside all the way.

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