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It begins with our quest to offer Lions the "kid brother" treatment, as in the best possible job advice and introductions. So we source EVERY sales job at EVERY good startup hiring salespeople, and can introduce you to them all – whether they pay us or not.

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To avoid the exhausting approach of other job Matching products, we work ONLY on sales jobs. Further, most of our algorithm is coded to OBJECTIVELY compare your company to potential opportunities on rep turnover, growth, and funding – so you know which ones to focus on first.

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TheLions is the ultimate passive career resource. Keeping your ear to the ground on your market value is key to maximizing your career output. Most of the jobs we promote have data-driven OTE and base estimates.


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Our application-to-hire rate crushes that of job boards, social networks, and old fashioned recruiters. We use data to maximize it every week, so that when YOU're ready to apply, you get priority on opportunities to get the chance to do what you do best – close.

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