RETENTION 24 of 46 Hired
12MO GROWTHfrom 18 to 18 Lions
~TEAM SIZE VERY selective

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TheLions connects elite sales talent with the best VC backed startups, introducing 1,000s of sales Lions to VPs, founders, and CEOs of over 180 startups, backed by over $10B invested by Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, KPCB, First Round Capital and other top VCs. TheLions.com is the only sales specific, job search and strategy resource to provide insights and advice on joining the most promising technology startups. TheLions leverages data-driven insights on thousands of tech companies to objectively rate sales teams on retention, funding, leadership, and growth. Empowered with that data, our team of salaried recruiters assists you in identifying the perfect next step for advancing your sales career.

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TheLions exists to help elite sales talent find better jobs.
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