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In 2009, our founder Matt was head of sales at a prominent $30M-backed startup, under pressure to double his team. Using recruiters and job boards proved a time suck. Recalling his own frustration in finding growth jobs early in his career, he was shocked that no one focused on helping the best companies hire young sales performers. Soon after, TheLions was born.

To date, TheLions has connected 1,000s of sales Lions with 100s of startups with over $2B in VC from blue-chip investors such as Google Ventures and Andreesen Horowitz. Our own investors are seasoned C-level executives spanning both Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

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Our Team

Matt McGraw

CEO & Founder

My LinkedIn

Mackenzie Mee-Lee

Director, Sales

2011 RoY TheLions
2010 RoY ADP*
NCAA soccer (UCSB)

Sean Akaks

Director, Talent

2013-'14 #1 TheLions
2012 RoY TheLions
UCLA honors

Johnny Jiang


2013 RoY TheLions
Intern TheLions
Cal engineering

Kelly Schulze

Demand Generation

NCAA softball (UCD)

Caitlin Gilly

Account Executive

Top 5% CollegeWorks
Intern TheLions

Rachael Chiappetta

Account Executive

2014 RoY TheLions
UCSC honors

Taylor Mee-Lee

Account Executive

Camp Grounded

Maddie Casey

Account Executive

Intern TheLions

Steve Blanchette

Sales Development

Intern Indeed.com

Denny Falls

Sales Development

NCAA volley' (Stanford)

Kimberly Pena

Sales Development

NCAA softball (UCD)
HS valedictorian

CJ Jacobs

Sales Development

Lacrosse (UCSB)
Team Captain

Martha Batruny

Sales Development

George Washington U'
Magna Cum Laude

Conrad Carlson

Sales Development

Lacrosse (UCSB)
Team Captain

Shawn Moore

Sales Development

NCAA basket' (UCSB)

Rob Klein

Sales Development

Top 15% Clinkle
Oregon Honors

Sid Kusuma

Sales Intern


Carolyn McGraw

Research Manager

Business owner
Team Mom

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